FERNA Charitable Foundation

Swedish forestry and the forest industry have grown in recent years to take a strong leading position in the world.

The ingenuity of many individual entrepreneurs and innovators and the ability of industry to build joint solutions from this has been crucial. This must not be lost.

That’s why the FERNA Charitable Foundation (in Swedish: Insamlingsstiftelsen FERNA) was created to be a force for continued strong development in all parts of the industry, from forest to market, not only locally but also globally. To succeed, initiative and entrepreneurship must be regained.

Strengthening the competitiveness of forests and forest-based industries locally and globally

Innovation and new thinking rewarded

Traditional forestry research has evolved over time to primarily benefit and even become the mouthpiece of large industries, universities and lobby organizations.

In addition, state funds, EU grants and other types of support for the development of the forest sector often go to already well-established companies.

Instead, FERNA is primarily aimed at the small entrepreneur and innovator who thinks outside the box with their own creative ability.

Improved traceability counteracts illegal logging

The Foundation’s activities will increase the competitiveness of forestry and the forest industry while promoting high environmental goals and conservation values. This will be done primarily by supporting the development of management practices, wood processing, technical methods, drive systems, products and services that increase the production potential and added value of the entire logistics chain – from forest planning and harvesting to the finished product for delivery to the end customer.

Particular focus is on developing an unbroken digital information chain at all decision-making stages with physically traceability of each individual log. By supporting improved traceability of timber, FERNA is involved in and counteracts illegal deforestation, money laundering and more all over the world. This promotes transparency, competitive neutrality and long-term sustainable solutions with the forest as raw material.

Growing and spreading forest knowledge

FERNA will also support various initiatives in nature experiences, nature conservation, environmental protection and ecological sustainability to increase public awareness and interest in forests and forest resources as a valuable global resource.

It can do so by, for example, promoting research, dissemination of knowledge on scientific grounds, ecotourism and the adventure industry where the forest is at the center.

Together we create change

Many entrepreneurs, innovators and small and medium-sized enterprises in forestry and the forest industry currently have difficulty obtaining external funding for their development or innovation. Researchers, conservationists, knowledge brokers, expedition leaders and others play an important role in increasing public interest in forests. This is why FERNA is needed. Please support our work!

FERNA Charitable Foundation based in Uppsala, Sweden, was founded on April 29, 2022 by the founder Bengt Sörvik.