Call – May 11, 2022

The Foundation’s purpose is to promote scientific research and sustainable development of the forest-based industries with a special focus on forestry to improve the traceability of the world’s forest products, mainly timber and sawn timber, so that illegal logging is counteracted. The Foundation also intends to support people and organizations that work with the development of new products/services, nature conservation, environmental protection and ecological sustainability to raise the public’s level of knowledge and interest in forests and forest raw materials.

The objectives of the Foundation is to:

  • Promote projects that focus on the development of sustainable projects in the forestry and processing industries.
  • Promote projects and initiatives in accordance with the Foundation’s purpose.
  • Promote research of strategic importance for a good living environment.
  • Promote the dissemination of an in-depth story of forests as a global resource according to the principle “Earth – a green planet”.
  • Promote adventures and experiences that highlight the story of man’s relationship with the forest in particular, but also other habitats.
  • Award scholarships to people who work within the Foundation’s area.
  • Run own projects in accordance with the Foundation’s purpose.
  • Collaborate with other foundations both within and outside Sweden.

The Foundation is politically and religiously independent.

The Foundation’s first call intends to promote projects that focus on the development of sustainable projects in forestry and the processing industry.

Bengt Sörvik, founder


Funds accruing to the Foundation through the call shall be used as an independent asset to promote the Foundation’s specific and lasting objectives.

Support FERNA by donating funds to:

Bank giro: 5943-5438